Dr. Valerie Daverio, DOM - Healthcare for the whole family
Autism, ADHD and
Neurological Developmental Disorders
Holistic Therapies and BioNutiritional Care
The old model looked at Autism as a brain disorder.  The new model looks at Autism as a whole body illness manifesting or triggering a brain disorder. 
Most Autistic children have multiple body systems that can be treated holistically thereby alleviating behavioral symptoms.  Call me for a free consultation 
(941) 724-0805.
  • Gentle Acupressure/Acupuncture
  • BodyTalk System
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Biomedical Interventions
  • Supplements and Herbal Remedies
  • Digestive Health Testing
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency Profiles
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing
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